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While you shop, wikibuy evaluates other sellers like Walmart, Target, eBay, Jet, and others you might find with a Google search.


Wikibuy is a browser extension which will help you to find all the available prices by the other sellers. It helps you in the search for the best price of the product you want. As soon as you navigate to any product in Amazon Wikibuy will automatically start to check for the other sellers and provides you the best result.

The coolest this of this extension is that it gives you accurate pricing, coupons that you can apply and also shipment. This Wikibuy extension reduces the time and money wasted during any online purchase. It is an advancement over the manual search of products and offers through automation.

Is Wikibuy safe?

While there are many extensions which give you trouble and confusions regarding the data it holds and obtains from websites here is one reliable product which might help you in so many ways. As the whole world is into online shopping and especially when it comes to Amazon, it has great deals, and for each product, it has different sellers, price, and offers.

Is Wikibuy safe

Being a Chrome extension Wikibuy adds a lot of value to every purchase that you make. Most people agreed that it is one legit extension among those who cheat only to gain money. The rest just disagree to the fact as they find most the addon websites are not legitimate. Unfortunately, ordinary users are not developers or web scientists to make a complete research on just an extension or a website.

I would say this extension has good searching method or algorithm to help you in all that you need to choose the cheapest and best sellers of any product that you find on Amazon. This extension never forces any buyers to use their extension. Rather it gives you choices. Unlike other extensions which disturb when you are online, this extension doesn't annoy but help you to save money.​

How Wikibuy Works?

As we already went through its process, I am just going to give you a brief description of how it works.

How Wikibuy Works?

Suppose you decided to buy a product on Amazon (example: speaker). After choosing the electronic speaker of your interest and once you add it to cart WIkibuy will tell you how much you can save if you purchase it from the other seller or website with a coupon code if available. This extension will also calculate the total amount that you are going to spend.

How to Use Wikibuy?

Want to know how to use Wikibuy? Everything you need is just the Google Chrome browser.

When it's time for you to visit Amazon just navigate through the product, you are searching for, and in the meantime, this extension will start searching for the best deals and cheapest provided by many sellers. You can either purchase it though Wikibuy or use Amazon directly.

How to Use Wikibuy
How to Use Wikibuy
How to Use Wikibuy
How to Use Wikibuy

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Wikibuy Conclusion

Even though this tool needs to improve in areas like supporting other browsers and mobile support it is still a cool extension that you can find online. Many don't suggest such kind of extensions, but nowadays this tool is becoming popular as it replaces your manual searching efforts. Well, it is your choice now. When you have nothing to lose or gain, try to save something.


The Good Stuff:
  • It save Your Money
  • Reduce your work 
  • 100% free
The Bad Stuff:
  • It still in the developing stage for other browser & mobile 

best offer

“Seriously, don't shop on Amazon without it.”

Within 15 seconds after you browse a product on Amazon, wikibuy's engine generates a guaranteed offer - a delivery date and total price.